We will only collect, accumulate, use, or share your information only in the ways it has been described and decided in the policy. We do not aim to break our commitments. For us, your privacy is our priority.

Your data is safe with us. We prioritize confidentiality and your privacy.

You can update your preferences to communication at any time. Updating your profile is also possible at any time. About This Policy

’This privacy policy describes how we fetch and manage your information across all of our websites, apps, and other services. We are open to reviewing this policy from time to time. Also, we will ensure that the policy is up to date with the latest version. We will make sure that the significant changes reach you while you use our services or through other modes of communication.’’

We will be using your personal information where you have consented to us, where it is important to deliver your requested services, where legal rights or obligations are involved, or for the business requirements set out in this policy.

We only collect information that we need. We do not accumulate personal information that we do not require. All those who use our services will have some amount of their information accumulated and processed.

We keep your data with us for as long as we require it or as long as legal purposes are to be solved. Post that, we either delete the data or anonymize it. You can ask anytime to delete your data. We treat the data differently based on what it is used for.

We only share your information where you ask us to do it, where it is necessary for business purposes, and where legal requirements are involved. Further companies/airlines you book/reach through us may also collect data as per their policies. All the companies/ airlines advertising through us may also ask for your information. All the companies/airlines that assist us in delivering our services also collect data on our behalf.

We aim to keep your data safe. We are highly concerned about your privacy and we use multiple methods- organic and industry methods to protect your privacy.

Your data is secure with us in the data centres, around the globe. The location depends upon where you use Airlines House. Two important points to keep in mind. First, your information and data will be processed by the suppliers who succeed in giving contractual safeguards. Second, your information and data may be secured in countries with multiple security measures. But we will ensure that their privacy standards and concern for you must match ours.

You will be exposed to various ads when you use our services or you may also be exposed to our ads (about Airlines House) when you use other platforms. These ads from our side or third parties may be personalized. The personalization is done through the usage of information including the details of your search on Airlines House or the general locations at the airports or cities. But the information will not include anything related to your name or address, or other details that disclose your identity and make you approachable in the offline area.

You can alter, edit, or delete your personal information if you have an account with us. You also have the right to manage the marketing and subscription preferences. You can exercise your rights regarding personal information. For that, you can contact our team through the help centre.

We are the Airlines House, a traveling company, listing available flight options. You can reach out to us @ ________. Our team is available 24x7 at ___________.