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’This privacy policy describes how we fetch and manage your information across all of our websites, apps, and other services. We are open to reviewing this policy from time to time. Also, we will ensure that the policy is up to date with the latest version. We will make sure that the significant changes reach you while you use our services or through other modes of communication.’’

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Airlines House is not a travel agent. Any travel option displayed is from the third parties. We are not responsible for setting, controlling, booking, allowing, disallowing, or canceling the bookings/travel options/flights. We assist in bookings, comparison, decision making, and reducing the stress for your airlines bookings with Travel Providers/Airlines/Third Parties; this states that we are not responsible or liable for any of the above stated. All the necessary information and terms and conditions from the side of Travel Providers/Airlines/Third Parties will be notified before booking, to which your acceptance must come after you read them properly and understand it fully. You also must understand that breaching the terms and conditions of the Travel Providers/Airlines/Third Parties will lead to cancellations/fines/no provisioning of benefits, etc.